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How do I pre-register?

A pre-registration form is provided for you in your OB package (blue folder) and can be dropped off at Labor and Delivery (ground floor of the Margot Perot building). Pre-registration may also be done online at this link.

Where do I check into the hospital?

You will enter through the Labor and Delivery entrance of the Margot Perot Women’s Hospital and proceed to the admitting desk on the ground (G) floor.

When should I come to the hospital?

Call us when contractions are 5 minutes apart for 1 hour, if your bag of water breaks (this may be a big gush or a small trickle of fluid which continues to flow), or if you experience any bleeding. You should notify us immediately and then proceed to the hospital. Call if you have a significant decrease in fetal movement as well.

What is your philosophy on birthing experiences?

All of our patients are encouraged to attend prenatal childbirth classes. Each patient may have her personal preference between a non-medicated and medicated labor and delivery. We are very supportive of each individual patient’s choice. Twenty-four-hour in-house anesthesia is always available on labor and delivery.

When does the doctor usually induce labor and how?

Labor is never induced for routine or minor indications. Medical reasons for labor and induction are numerous and vary. Spontaneous onset of labor is preferred for most patients. This will be discussed with you if the induction of labor becomes necessary in your medical management.

May I deliver in the labor room or birthing room?

Labor and delivery occur in the same “LDR” (Labor/Delivery/Recovery) room with natural vaginal deliveries. Cesarean deliveries are performed in the Labor and Delivery operating rooms.

May I drink liquids during labor?

Patients may have ice chips and popsicles during labor, but go easy because nausea and vomiting are not uncommon in labor.

Can I be awake for Cesarean birth?

Epidural anesthesia or spinal anesthesia will be used for most Cesarean cases, so you are awake. In an emergency situation, general anesthesia may be used.

What type of incisions do you use for Cesarean sections?

Usually, a Pfannenstiel or “bikini” incision is used for a Cesarean section. Occasionally, a vertical incision may be required.