Challenges of Motherhood

You’re expecting relief, happiness, wonder and joy!

Instead you’re experiencing tears, sleepless nights, anxiety and other feelings you didn’t expect.

Many women following delivery face feelings of anxiety, guilt and overwhelming responsibility; this postpartum period is a time of great change.

A woman may experience the “baby blues” after delivery. She may feel weepy, sad, frustrated and could even have trouble sleeping; which are normal hormonal changes and may last up to 2 weeks.

If your symptoms persist, you could be at risk for postpartum depression.

To help you and your family through this time, we have complied a list of resources.

Please call your Obstetrician first, they may be able to help you. We have 24 hour MD coverage to discuss symptoms and treatment plans.

Counseling may be suggested and these are who we would suggest.


Kathryn Cooper & Assoc – (214) 987-2398
Salomon Grimberg – (972) 991-9900
Leslie Secrest – (214) 345-7355
Margaret Miesch – (214) 345-7355

Psychologist –

Anne Dunnewold – (214) 343-1353
Abbie Meyering – (214) 373-6370
Sally St. Clair – (214) 987-2398

THR Hospital of Dallas “New Moms Group” and “Family Education Program” (877) THR-WELL/ (877) 843-9355

Internet Resources:

Breast Feeding Resources:
Nuala Murphy (214) 345-2557
Fax# (214) 345-8548